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ESET Cyber Security Pro 6.10.460.10 (MAC) - update not possible

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I wanted to update my ESET CSP on my Mac. I tried several times - error message appears. 

I am using the newest macOS 11 on my Mac.

Has anybody the same problem or an idea what to do? 

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  • ESET Moderators

Hello @sesk / @ambubaja,

can you please provide me with the logs gathered as Marcos described? 

Our macOS support specialist would like to check them.

Just send me and @TomasP a private message with download details and reference to this topic.

Thank you, Peter

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31 minutes ago, Marcos said:

Does the issue persist after you reboot the system and try installing v6.10.460.1 again?

I don't have try installing v6.10.460.1 again, because after reboot the system that version is installed.

So after installing v6.10.460.1 and getting the message "Installation failed" / Installation Fehlgeschlagen" you have to reboot the system.

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