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License that was renewed (and showing renewed date) is suddenly "expired"

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A client of mine recently renewed their ESET license after it had been expired. They had been waiting to receive new Windows 7 workstations for their office. A week ago, I installed new downloaded installations of ESET Endpoint on the client workstations and uninstalled the older installation on the retired workstations. Things were fine until today when one workstation could not update due to a credentials error. I uninstalled and went to download again from the business site, but am unable to to so because the username/password combination for our license is invalid. So it seems that ESET's server do think the license expired? Any assistance much appreciated.




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The best would be to contact ESET, LLC to find out why the license doesn't work. You can also pm me your username so that I can check if the license has actually expired.

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