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Just installed premium ESET Smart Security and Malwarebytes Premium - So much resource usage

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I have just bought and installed ESET smart security and Malwarebytes premium after ditching Kaspersky due to several issues.

I now notice that my fans are running at a speed I have never heard before and at least 50% of my ram is occupied at all times, this is in idle mode with no apps open just looking at the screen. The pricessor usage is 1-3%. This must be due to the newly installed software which feels like a bit of a bummer since I recall both should be pretty lightweight.

What settings are appropriate for both software to make their resource usage lower and still have good protection?

I have a brand new killer notebook so there should be no issue on the hardware end of things.

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It is a rule of thumb to keep only one real-time protection active at a time. You can keep MBAM installed as a second-opinion on-demand scanner alongside with ESET but make sure that its real-time protection is disabled and none of its drivers are running.

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