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Malicious software detection

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I reported this malicious software to samples@eset.com two days ago
ESS 7.0.317.4 (vsd: 9941) still doesn't detect this.
I have no response from ESET Malware Response Team.


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Submissions are processed on an individual approach basis; ie. samples that seem to be greyware, adware, PUA, etc. receive much lower priority than actual malware from infected computers. There's no need to make a post here whenever you don't receive a response in a timely manner. Even when submitting files via the internal form, the user is informed that no response may be provided unless more information is required for analysis.

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I understand your point.
I don't expect I get responses(email) from ESET Malware Response Team regarding threat addition every time. 
but I expect to ESET adds these threats in signature update fast.

Why do I post here? Here is Malware Finding and Cleaning.


They were both active malware in some country (trojan downloader - main purpose is stealing banking info.)
These days Cybercrime used to silently spread malware to computers for a number of days ( within a very short period of time)
I reported but ESS didn't detect malware long(?) time. I had no idea what was going on at that time.
After I post here ESET adds threats in signature update finally.

kore.exe - Win32/TrojanDownloader.Agent.APG trojan
v3.exe - Win32/Spy.Agent.OKA trojan

What about xeengine_0005.exe? It is really malicious adware.
I reported but nothing change.
I post here and I get email today from ESET Malware Response Team. Wow!
ESET adds this threat 'Win32/AdWare.Searchclick.A' (vsd: 9943) now

I also don't want to post here anymore. I'm not doing this for fun. I don't want to spend time like this so I will not do it.


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