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question about mail rules and avoid spearhead phishing

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Customer with Exchange 2013 CU23 was in email-discussion with a supplier.

"Supplier-mail-adress"  send an faked pdf-invoice with different bank-details.  (scam-mail)

From:  Field was right.

Reply-to: was the scammer with a strange-mail-domain.

SMTP Sender IP  was strange and not the Supplier


In ESET Mail Security I could create Mail-Rules in case "SPF failed" or "rDNS is missing" , but as far as I know I don´t have much other opportunities to avoid such scam.


Thx for you oppinion!




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  • ESET Staff


your customer can use additional rules with conditions: SMTP Sender's domain, Sender's IP address, From header - address, to check if emails with From: "supplier-mail-address" have also corresponding IP address range or SMTP Sender.

Note: we plan to add the Sender Spoofing Protection feature to the upcoming vNext version of EMSX, to help to automate tasks like these.

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