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New trojan not detected by Eset


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Not really. It's a dropper, the dropped batch malware is actually detected by ESET and it's other AVs that do not detect it:

ESET:  BAT/Agent.OYP trojan
Avast           clean
Fprot           clean
Trend           clean
Symantec        clean
McAfee          clean
Avira           clean
Microsoft       clean
DrWeb           clean
Bitdefender     clean
Gdata           clean
Sophos          clean
Kaspersky       clean
Clamav          clean

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Then why it's not listed here on NOD32 section?


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On 11/23/2020 at 10:42 PM, Marcos said:

I was talking about the malicious payload which is dropped. The dropper will be detected as well: Win32/Injector.Autoit.FKM.

Actually it's detected as "A Variant Of Win32/Packed.CAB.I Suspicious", but when the thread was opened almost no antivirus was detecting it.

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Not true, detected since Feb 2020 :
windo_137178474.exe » INNO » {app}\quis\Dolorem.exe - a variant of Win32/Kryptik.HAYM trojan
windo_137178474.exe » INNO » script_decompiled.pas - Win32/CrthRazy.R trojan

The other file is digitally signed, no detection at VT:


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At far as VT detections go, note the following which has been mentioned multiple times in this forum.

Most AV products installed there do not have all their protection mechanisms enabled. Overall, VT is primarily employing static detection methods in the products used; i.e. signature detection.

Therefore just because a given product doesn't detect a malware sample at VT, does not imply the product won't detect when installed on a device.

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It appears most of your malware submissions are originating from cracked software?

No one should be using cracked software these days. They have become the favorite vehicle to deliver ransomware. Also much of this software uses trusted installers which run at system privilege level making it difficult for anti-virus software to detect the malware.

Personally, I wish Eset would flag all cracked software as PUA at the minimum detection level.

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