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Remove Eset Encryption Pro from Computer using ESMC console


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Hi Guys

Currently moving a customer from EEE with endpoint encryption Pro to ESMC Full disk encryption.  Im trying to use ESMC uninstall option to uninstall encryption pro once i decrypt it.  Problem is that encryption pro is protected with an uninstall code, which i know, but i was wondering if anyone knew the parameter i had to put in to the uninstallation parameters section?  i have tried PASSWORD=but its failing.



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  • ESET Staff

Hi Jock

Once the machine is fully decrypted, please refer to the section titled "Removing ESET Endpoint Encryption with Managed Uninstall" from this knowledgebase article here: KB288 - ESET Endpoint Encryption Windows Installer (MSI)

However if it's only one machine, then you may find it quicker to access the machine itself and click "Change" from Add/Remove Programs and follow the on-screen steps to remove the software as shown in this article: KB7617 - Using Managed Uninstall in ESET Endpoint Encryption

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