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Difficulty to find sites in the passwordmanager

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By using the password-manager | found that is sometimes difficult to find the site I want to login to.

The reason is because the manager uses a name to search for what does not always comply with the name I searched for.

I think that it is much better to expend the manager with the possibility to give the site an own name for example;

1. I make a new account for "Dunea water"

2. The manager gives a name to the site to search for:

https://login.microsoftonline.com etc. (Dunea does not appear)

3. Later on I search for "Dunea" but I cannot find it because Dunea is not being saved with that name. (see pt. 2)

It happens me to me to often, with more then 200 accounts it is difficult to  find the right site.

Can you do something about this please!

With regard,

Jacques van Drongelen




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