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Whenever I update my system a new snapshot of my system files (/ FS) is created (so I can rollback if something goes bad [hurray for zypper snapper and BTRFS!]).

The problem is, whenever a snapshot is found, EAV 4 Linux starts to scan it fully, which brings my machine to an IO starvation situation.

I mean, I understand this is how EAV 4 Linux is meant to work, it sees 'new' files being written so it automatically scans them to make sure they are not infected. However these are not really new files, they are snapshots of files I already had and were already scanned by previous system scans.

I have tried adding /.snapshots/* path to EAV 4 Linux's exclusion list, but it doesn't seem to work.

Browsing the forums I've seen @Marcos post about EAV 4 Linux not being developed anymore and that it'll be replaced by something based on Endpoint 7 next year.

Is there a solution to this issue? Will the next product address this issue?


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