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ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint Server / SharePoint 2013 / High usage of CPU


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Hei folks,

i have ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint Server (v 7.1.5005.0) with SharePoint 2013 in use. Since today morning I faced on booth serving web frontends a CPU usage about 100% when I completely deactivate the ESET Security agent on one of the web frontends, the CPU usage becomes normal. Activating the agent bring the cpu back to the 100%. The agents are installed on the web frontends since this summer and works fine until today morning.

During the cpu spike i have created a dump of the cpu - but my question is how to analyze this dump file in the best way regarding the ESES security - because it looks like this issue is caused by the agents.

Thanks a lot in advance for every hint.

Kind regards,


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