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Smart security not updating

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I have had for a year a license for 3 computers, which is still in date / valid, purchased from an online reseller.

as of the 12th this month its stopped updating and now thinks my license is invalid, i have tried re-Appling the key given which is accepted so the license is still valid.

This happened the day I turned on an old surface tablet which i was going to sell and just wanted to check what was on it

my only thought is i on a had a laptop, which it was installed on, which 6 months ago was sold, wiped but i never actually removed / uninstalled so im wondering if the license was still applied?  and as soon as i turned on the tablet it saw possible 4 devices using instead of the 3 only allowed?  I have since uninstalled the tablet one but im guessing there is a block.

Can send in private the license ID to check

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just searched around and found an online website, which funnily enough i can not get on! to contact them.

is the license still valid?

im guessing you can see useage / logs and on the 12 th a 4 device was accessed

i thought the 3 license was registered devices 

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4 hours ago, Morf said:

eneba was the online reseller, but didn't say where they were located :(


The problem is there's a lot of scams where someone buys the license and sells it on to multiple users so a license for 1 user could be sold illegally to 100+ people

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Eneba is known to resell various grey-market licenses, i.e. originally purchased in different country for a fraction of the price, or NFR licenses, etc. The license was canceled by the Indian distributor on Dec 11.

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