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Use of "Run command line" task

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I would like to use run command line task to update DNS and NTP records on multiple  (250+) computers. I’m planning to use cmdlets to accomplish this, but not sure it will work as my clients PCs are in kiosk mode and for changes to the network settings the admin privileges are required. 

Can this be done using Run command task? 

For now I can’t test this as it is a closed network and I’m not on site.

Thanks for your input.


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9 hours ago, MicuMacu said:

Thanks, I hoped that this is the case.

So standard cmdlets should work. For multiple cmdlets I can use delimiters. Right? 

Thanks for the help. 

Yes, in case of multiple commands, one have to enter delimited one-liner, as it would be done in one-line BAT file.

Just a note, this will be improved in upcoming released, where multi-line commands will be possible, which should simplify such scenarios.

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Great to hear this this is going to be improved, I have some fairly complex PowerScript commands that I execute via the run command.

For example I have commands which will:

  1. Download TeamViewer
  2. Download a config file
  3. Install TeamViewer using msiexec
  4. Email me the TeamViewer ID from the registry.


Getting this to work took time, and seeing all this on a single line script is horrible to maintain :) So seeing an improved experience will be fantastic.


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