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Overused license question

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I have a questions about "License usage: Overused"
I saw this on your site after logging in but I have never seen this message in the eset program itself.
I've bought 2 licenses for several years, one for me and one for my fathers computer.

But I also have some laptops who I use from time to time (while traveling etc) that I also installed eset on with the same key.
I've had no issue with this, ESET still seem to work.

But now I get a little worried if I'm really fully protected, if there are limitations or no protection at all when it says that I have overused my license.
I thought 2 licenses meant that you can't use more than 2 at the same time, but it's actually only 2 installs no mater if it's  in use or not (PC is off)?
Could you clarify this?

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If you activate ESET on more devices than allowed by your license, overuse is reported in the license manager. Whether or not devices are turned on at a time doesn't matter.

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