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Who and what is 'Taboola'? Is this a security/privacy issue?

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Was tracking the progress of a delivery from Amazon when ESET blocked website 'sync.taboola.com'; see PNG 1. Ip-tracker.org showed the information in PNG 2. Continent/country information (Israel is in asia?) was confusing so followed GPS to location shown in PNG 3; which is not in Jerusalem. ipgeolocation.io website showed different coordinates and location (PNG 4); the Netherlands.

VERY glad that ESET blocked the site, but concerned because of contradictory ip and geographic information. Lots of questions: Who are these guys? Why are they blocked? Why different ip-related information? Why is this on an Amazon site? Etc...

Is this a security/privacy threat? What's going on?

Thanks for any help.


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13 hours ago, shocked said:

i visited the site mentioned and both ublock and EIS didn't even bat an eye.

It most certainly is shown in EasyPrivacy list in uBlock Origin. Do you have that TPL enabled?


Another reason might be the following from the above linked article I posted:


That said, when you visit a website serving these ads, you can’t really remove these ads as they’re served from the website itself. What you can do, is to use a third-party service designed to block ads online

I used to use Nano Adblocker for this. Since it has been sold and the controversy surrounding that, I have totally removed it from FireFox. Instead, I am using AdGuard Base and AdBlock Warning Removal List TPLs and they appear to be working based on my posted detection.

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Thanks to all responders...

More info: Was using Adblock Plus on Firefox at the time. Filter lists had not been recently updated so that's on me.

As per suggestions I installed uBlock Origin; all filters/updates applied. With uO in place wasn't able to exactly replicate prior results as the package had been delivered. ESET did not pop a message when testing the package tracking anyways, but the 'delivered' webpage may be lacking elements on the 'tracking' page necessary to trigger ESET. Testing outcome: inconclusive.

Will be ordering more from Amazon in the future, and will report back on results.

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