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Trojan SMS on iOS!?


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Hello guys,

I've a friend that has an iPhone running iOS 14.1. Twenty SMS charges sent to telephones located in Taiwan and Germany appeared on his phone account. When checking the messaging application, those 20 messages were indeed sent from the iPhone, however, the user did not send them nor he knows those numbers. Could it have been an SMS Trojan? How to know which application sent these messages? There's one message pointing to 20 numbers.

I know that there're many SMS Trojan for Android but for iOS AFAIK it's the first case. The iPhone is not jailbroken.

I want to determine which application is responsible for this and thus I can send it to ESET's Laboratory.


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I'm unsure. The problem is you can't get an actual real-time AV app for ios due to apple restrictions 

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