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Import of Accounts from PWM 2 into PWM 3 incomplete

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I have been following the instructions on exporting and importing the accounts and identities from Password Manager 2 into Password Manager 3, strictly but the busy sign of the import by the extension never stops, and the import never finishes.

The imported number of accounts is incomplete and no identities have been imported, as if it has locked up during import.

Because the import by the extension does not give any feedback on progress, there is no knowing what is has been doing.

How can I clear the imported accounts and restart the whole procedure? Better still could you release a new version of the extension that will show progress and total number of accounts to  be imported?

Please assist in how to progress from this situation

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  • ESET Moderators

Hello @AlEg

I'm sorry to hear that you have such experience with it.

Can you please send me and @TomasP a private message with info on e-mail address to which you have registered your PWM store, we will check it with the PWM devs and do our best to resolve the issues with you.


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