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Failed to send Wake-up call - Error calling PNS API 'PnsPublish' (return code = 19107)

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Im trying to get my Wake-up call to work, but I keep get this error:

Error while processing SendWakeUpCall request: Error calling PNS API 'PnsPublish' (return code = 19107)

Untranslatable CInterModuleException: Error calling PNS API 'PnsPublish' (return code = 19107)

on Agent trace.log the only mentions to wakeup are:

EPNS Resource available => initializing Push Notification WakeUp handler
PushNotificationWakeUp: registering with EPNS

Both server and agent can resolve and reach epns.eset.com on port 8883 and 443 and versions are >7.


Thank you in advance,



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