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Move existing devices to a new tenancy


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I have a single tenancy and I'm thinking of creating two new ones and moving the existing devices to them.  Is there a way to do that from the cloud administrator console, with out having to re-deploy the agent manually to these machines?


The need for this is a business split and sale.  Two new business will exist that have no bearing to the original tenancy.



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  • ESET Staff

Hello @CPR

If I get your topic correctly, you are planning to divide your business (and also existing ECA instance) to 3. Portion will be kept within the original ECA instance, whose license will be "downsized", and two new licenses will be created / ordered for the newly created entities. 

Please note, that under one EBA account you will be able to create only one ECA instance. So the order of things should be as follows: 

  1. Order 2 new licenses for the two new tenants + decrease the quantity on the existing license
  2. Register two new EBA accounts and create two new ECA instances 
  3. Deploy the agents from the newly created instances to the machines where the original one was running. Per my knowledge, it should execute "repair" and replace the connection info / certs in the agents. I bet that @MartinK can confirm this assumption. 

Please note, that by December we will have a new version / successor of ECA, which will be multi-tenant, meaning you will be able to have there users, with access permissions tight to a different groups. You will be able to able to divide the license into sites, and allocate license "parts" to users. But in case those will be totally independent businesses, also with dedicated management for IT, the option one with separate ECAs might be better. 

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thanks for your answer.  We are planning to do this in January when our license is due for renewal.  Instead of renewing, we'll just create the new tenancies add licenses to them and redeploy the installer.  If there is a week gap between the existing license expiring and deploying the new installer, will the expired machines still be protected?  Does real time protection keep running, they just don't get new signature updates?

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