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How to move computers between groups with an automatic task

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Question: Is it possible to to move computers between groups  with a task. If not it would be great to have such functionality in ESMC

Detail: If we want to move computers from Lost & Found to groups created based on AD. Currently this is not possible and we have to move computers manually. 

It would be good to have this for dynamic groups, if computer fall into such group it would be automatically moved to a desired destination group.

Moving computers to groups at installation is not possible for us as we use only one installer for all the clients acros the globe.


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  • ESET Staff

Unfortunately currently it is not possible to move devices between group using task, except indirectly via tasks like AD synchronization, which are capable of moving devices in case name collision (= the same device) is found in hierarchy.

Also in your case I would recommend to check configuration for automated pairing: it might be helpful, but little different approach is required, as AD synchronization has to be performed before first devices are enrolled and connected.


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Hello MartinK,

thank you for response. Anything related with AD will not work for us as our environment contains also non AD clients, that we need to move around.

I am aware that this is not possible, I was just forced by your colleague Marcos to move this topic from suggestions for "Future changes to ESET Security management center" topic.

So what now?

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