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Single client wouldn't update - GUI or on-click bug noticed [EEA-5.0.2225]


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Wanted to bring this to light for devs, in the instance its a bug or glitch. I have no clue where the break was.

I had 1 client that would not update. ERA was reporting old db for a week.

Remoted to the client and attempted to manually click the 'Update Now'. (Nothing happened, no error, no gui change)

- Cleared the update cache, tried again, nothing.

- Wanted to try and kill egui but was unable to, due to Self-Defense or being run under system nt authority.

- Restarted the workstation resolved the issue, however i still scratch my head on why the update quit working.

- The client was still checking into ERA every 10 minutes too. Correct policy was established and set.

Version 5.0.2225

I examined changelog for .2228:

  • Added: Support for Windows 8.1 Update 1
  • Fixed: Error appears when SSL scanning in Web and email protection is turned on and a change is applied
  • Fixed: Minor wording corrections

Update to 2228 is not needed at the moment for this customer, but will do so soon when they are aware that i will deploy.

Any questions feel free to ask.


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From what I've experienced, (I've ran into this with .2228, and FS 4.5.12005) - I've never been able to narrow it down to an application issue, myself - typically something with the definitions, normally on the server side. 


Is your CPU charge for ekrn.exe also holding at about 50%, or is that not an issue?





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Hello seg,


Thanks for your reply and valuable input.

I do not have a cpu usage issue with ekrn. Just checked now, cpu at 0%. (On Server)


All the clients are updating accordingly now today.

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