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How to manage customer Console using our own account


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Dear Sir Mdm,

Im authorised reseller for ESET. And recently i have few customer that using ESET Cloud Solution on the premise. So my question is, is there anyway i can manage the customers account in EBA and ECA using my company email address instead of need to logged in using the customers credential?

I tried by adding my email at Customer A EBA account and assign the highest permission available. Then i tried to add my email on Customer B EBA account, but it rejected saying that the email address already existed (referring to the email present at Customer A EBA Account).

So is there anyway that i can access the customer account via EBA and ECA using my own same credential instead of having to depends on customers credential to logged in?

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  • ESET Staff

Hello, unfortunately, this is currently not possible in a way you are seeking for. If customer adds his license to EBA account, the only way for you is to have a dedicated login (email address) to every one of such EBA accounts. We are currently analyzing / designing a solution, that will allow reseller management / visibility into the customer´s EBA accounts, and also connected ECA instances, however it will take some time till this is developed. 

Internal reference: IDEA-1355

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