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Windows restart or shutdown won't update Eset


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Yesterday I saw the 7.3.2041 update of Endpoint and sent an update task to all the computers in the park (from ESMC).

This morning I get errors on some machines stating that they need to restart to complete the update.


The problem is that most of my users did shutdown their computer last night.

This was already a problem with the previous update where I had to go to every problematic computer, open Eset GUI and use Endpoint's reboot button. This is tedious, and a waste of time for both me and my users.

I cannot ask my users to do that everytime there's an update (and most of them will get lost in the process anyway).

Also I cannot send update tasks with reboot included, the users will lose their work (even if you tell them to close everything, they'll leave some important stuff open).


Why is Endpoint not able to update correctly when Windows shuts down or reboots ?

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  • Administrators

If drivers are updated with a newer version of Endpoint, a restart is required after the upgrade for new drivers to load. Having very old drivers loaded with a new version of the product could lead to stability issues.

Please send a software install task that upgrades Endpoint to a newer version when the machines can be restarted.

An ultimate solution to this will be so-called uPCU updates that we're going to start using after the release of ESMC v8 towards the end of this year. When a newer version of Endpoint is available, an admin will be able to run upgrade which will upgrade the product after the next restart.

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Upgrading at night would be a good idea if we hadn't told our users to shutdown their computer at the end of their day.

It's already hard enough to get a uniform behaviour from them, so you can't change this kind of policy every other day.

For now the solution will be to send them MANY NOTIFICATIONS (praying that they don't ignore them like 90% of the time), and send a reboot/shutdown/update task accordingly to the machines' need.

But this is a highly inefficient and ineffective method, this is unsatisfactory. 

Users don't give a **** about security, to them it's wasted time, not here to judge this state of mind. But at this point, our duty as IT staff is to maintain their security solutions in to shape without involving them.

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  • ESET Moderators

Hello @Antoine,

the system reboot is required to load the new drivers as currently it is the only way to load new versions of them.

Shut-down in Windows10 by default is not a proper reboot as it utilizes so called Hybrid shutdown also known as Fast startup, thus the drivers are not reloaded.

As my colleague Marcos stated, the solution for this are the uPCU upgrades as those will be applied on system reboot so the old version will stay untouched and functional and on reboot the new one will be applied and so new versions of drivers will be loaded. I hope all the users reboot the system at least once a month to apply the Windows updates.

The solution is already available in the BETA version of EES / EEA https://forum.eset.com/topic/25580-eset-endpoint-security-8-beta-signup/ so it will be available in the market quite soon.



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