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Activated License Count Off


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Our activated server count shows 7/7, but I only have 6 servers. I even looked under the AV licenses to see if a server got duplicated there, but no luck. Any idea why this would be off or how to correct it?

Also, what is the "Units" column referencing?



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  • ESET Staff

Hello, I will recommend you two solutions, that are in my mind: 

  1. Forcibly deactivate all of the servers, and then try to reactivate them manually. If there is a glitch, it might correct itself (if your servers are managed by ESMC, you should be able to reactivate them easily by the product activation task from there)
  2. If you do not want to do what is in the step 1, create a support ticket, so our teams will check it in the database / backend of EBA, to check, why it shows +1 activate seat

Units column indicates the number of concurrent terminal sessions on that partcular server, per my level of knowledge. 

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@MichalJI actually opened a support ticket yesterday (but haven't heard back from them yet). Good news is though, your solution worked perfect! Thank you!!

Thanks for the info on the units column! That makes sense now.

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