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ekrn.exe and WMI high CPU useage


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I have been trying o sole an issue  with Windows 10  WMI Activity high usage. On Event Viewer one of the errors is related to PID 1976- ekrn.exe



Could this be causing my issue, and how do I fix it?

I am NOT particulary good at this! Many thanks!


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Why do you think the errors are ESET-related? According to your screen shot, the PID in the error is 6416 while the PID of ekrn.exe is 1967.

I too get a lot of event records in the WMI-Activity trace log and none was ekrn-related. On the other hand, informative events could be generated when you scan WMI with v13 or v14.

If ekrn spikes the CPU, this is not seen in the screen shot of the task manager that you posted.

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The primary cause of WMI event log errors is Eset's WMI scanning activity as I posted in another thread.

After running an on-demand scan of WMI only, the WMI event log contained pages of errors. 800+ which corresponds to the number of WMI entries scanned. These errors also occur at boot time. However since Eset only scans a handful of WMI entries at boot time, the like amount appear in the WMI event log.

If Eset can't properly scan WMI entries w/o causing adverse system effects as noted to date, it should not be doing so.

As far as high CPU usage, another user report the same from wmiprvse.exe here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/23826-wmi-provider-crash/?do=findComment&comment=122831 . I personally have no issues in this regard.

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