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Rude and unhelpful customer support


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Actually, the "gimmick" being employed by Eset is in regards to renewals. The "inducement" by Eset and other AV vendors is to add remaining exiting license days to new license purchase. As I see it if one performs an in product renewal, Eset already has access to the existing public license id. That is all Eset needs to extend remaining existing license days to the new license.

The "problem" as I see it for Eset is that they offer "loyalty" discounts for renewals. Appears they are maintaining an internal database of user id info to prior license purchases to facilitate this. As I see it, there should be a way to do this and yet not maintain user id info. One way would be to "chain" existing public license id  to the new license public id. For example, a "count" field could be associated with each public license id. Each time an Eset license is renewed, this count field is incremented by one for the first purchase public license id. Then the new license public id is "chained" to the original public license id in the Eset server license database.

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To dispel and lingering doubts on how auto pay works for an Eset U.S. or Canada license renewal, let's go through the actual in-product license renewal process.

The first browser Eset web site screen displayed which I am not posting requires entry of existing user license id data. This is either your Eset user id; i.e. EAV-xxxxxxxx, or public license id. Both these are shown in the Eset GUI -> Help and Support -> Details for Technical Support.

At this point, you arrive at an Eset web page where you select number of license seats and license number of years. You can also change to another Eset product if so desired.

You then are displayed an Eset purchase "check-out" web page shown below where personal id and credit card information is required. I believe the personal data is required by the credit card issuer for validation purposes. However on this regard, I believe only credit card issuer full name is required. Note what I have highlighted in red. When you read this "fine print," it is fairly obvious that auto pay is activated at purchase time:


Mouse clicking on "Read more" in the above highlighted fine print area, yields the following web page display:


Again note what I have highlighted in the above screen shot;

1. Credit card data is indeed retained by Eset.

2. Most important, you can only opt-out of auto pay after the purchase has been completed and only by log in to the Eset created eStore account resulting from this renewal purchase.

-EDIT- All the above also applies to new non-renewal Eset license purchases via Eset N.A associated web sites.

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