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Unable to install Endpoint Security on new PC

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Hi, all;

I am trying to install ESET Management Agent and Endpoint Security on a new PC. We have been using ESET for years, no problem. But now, when I try to run the installer, the management agent installs no problem, but endpoint security fails. I receive the following error: "The installation was not completed successfully. This may be a result of malware activity. To check the system for potential threats, it is recommended to run a Specialized cleaner." I just installed Windows, not likely to have malware yet, but what the heck, I run the cleaner. Cleaner reports: "Malware was detected and cleaned from the system." Great! I run my installer again, and get the same error that installation was not successful.

The PC in question is running Win10 v20H2. Is there some issue with this version of Windows that ESET thinks is malware, or vice versa?

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I'd recommend to run the ESET Uninstall tool in safe mode and remove any possible leftovers from a previous installation first. If I recall correctly, the said error is reported when a previous version was not uninstalled completely. Should the problem persist, please provide logs collected with ESET Log Collector.

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I got this error on a couple older win 7 pcs when i tried to install new version of endpoint AV...turns out that both those computers were way behind on windows updates....as soon as i got them caught up then eset installed....20H2 just came out didnt it? Are you using the newest versions of software...i know only the latest will work on the latest feature releases of Win 10

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I have run across this error a few times as well. It does seem Windows updates have to be rather recent - Windows 10 or 7 - and the ESET uninstaller tool in safe mode has worked.

My only question from above would be why this happens on a "NEW" PC. Unbox a new PC, get it setup and have to boot in safe mode to uninstall what?

While the posts in reply to Carol were accurate, it does not explain why these steps are needed on a new PC. I deploy PCs a lot, am I also expected to deal with "This may be a result of malware activity." when I know this statement to just be plain false?

I would hope that there would be a way around "Safe Mode" as the only solution. Using ExecTI, I can delete all protected registry keys that make ESET services "unstoppable" and remove any ESET files. Probably takes less time.

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Running the uninstall tool did the trick! One of the earlier installs must have gotten just enough on the drive to cause a problem. Thanks for the help!

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