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ESET Appliance migration

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We have and old ESET Administrator Appliance with all our desktops registered. Now we want to migrate to a new one appliance with the latest version. We installed the new appliance, installed the license and copy the certificates. All it's working perfect.

Now we have a problem. We can't access to our old server, we have a problem with login (database connection). If we can't fix it, we are thinking another options. For example:

- shutdown the old server.
- Change the IP for the new one and put the same IP as the old server.

The agents the next time they connect will be against the new server. What will happen? Will they self-register on the new console? Or will we have to create an installer on the new server to manually launch on clients so that they connect to the new server and register?

Many thanks!!

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  • ESET Staff

Could you please provide more details of which kind of migration you performed? My best guess is that the one with "retaining" IP address. If so, I would recommend to change IP address of old server in case all AGENT are already redirected to new one. Changing IP address won't impact ability to access console, it just has impact on AGENTs - but my understanding is that they will be connecting to new ESMC.

Also note, that ESMC Appliance has integrated support for migration, so called pull database mechanisms (https://help.eset.com/esmc_deploy_va/72/en-US/?va_upgrade_migrate.html) which can be used. During this process, whole ESMC database is migrated to new appliance, so that AGENT can connect to new appliance and all data is migrated. In this case, only changes that were made to operating system itself has to be migrated manually - this includes also certificate for console in case it is required to retain original one.

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Our ESET server has this IP:  (actualeset.domain.local)

New ESET server now is  (neweset.domain.local)

All agents are connecting to the actualeset.domain.local


As now we can't access to console (database access) we are thinking in that process:

- Shutdown (actualeset.domain.local) server.

- Change IP for new ESET. Assign Now actualeset.domain.local would go to

- As all agents are connecting to actualeset.domain.local in that step they would be connecting to the new console.


What would happen now? The new console has no registered agents. On the clients when the agent tries to connect, the new server has the same certificates, the same IP and the same DNS. Will the client log appear in the console as they connect?

Reading the documentation (https://help.eset.com/esmc_deploy_va/72/en-US/va_upgrade_migrate.html) I think we are using "Migration and upgrade process (recommended way to upgrade)" and then the steps above "If the new ESMC VA has the same IP address"

By doing the steps that I put in, can we expect the names of the teams to appear automatically in the new console?
Thank you!

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