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Maware? Viruses?


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Hello there. I'm a complete neophyte regarding viruses, malware, pgishing, etc. I purchase reliable products like ESET to deal with threats.

I have been using ESET for some time. My Samsung Galaxy began opening idiotic screens on Chrome.

Downloaded ESET to phone. Screens (10 to 20) in number appear everytime i pick up phone.

What do i need to do with ESET to fix issue. Chrome is listed on Anti Pgishing feature. Further no information on basic question about adding other browsers to anti phishing.

Please help. ESET not helping 

https://masterhost.space/droid/l3/?app=webprotector&clickid=wbgfe0aei1c6bhp2i5cdmk8d&af_siteid=3432a592-800b-4d43-af27-90286e47041b&af_c_id=135de32d-6f0f-496c-86c8-8f5449b85de0&c=25.08%2FAndroid%2FUSA%2F0.2BID Dublicate&af_click_lookback=7&model=Galaxy S10%2B&brand=Samsung&pid=voluumtracker_int&af_sub1=black2&lptoken=




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Make sure that you have detection of potentially unwanted applications disabled. However, it might not help since unlike on Windows there is no protocol filtering nor script scanning possible on Android. Try clearing the browser cache and disable installed add-ons. On Android applications run isolated so a 3rd party application cannot affect browsing as it is on Windows.

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