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ESET installation issues


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We recently switched a client over to ESET and on two of their Desktops we encountered an error with installing ESET. The error was as follows "Service 'ESET Service' (ekrn) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privilege's to start system services". Initially I thought that it was either because the accounts were not administrators however in both cases they were the only profiles on the device. We think it may be AVAST anti-virus which is blocking the installation as we get the same error with regards to insufficient privilege's when trying trying to uninstall AVAST from multiple machines. 

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Let's start off by providing logs collected with ESET Log Collector and a Procmon log.

1, Start logging with Procmon.
2, Run the installer.
3. When the installation fails, stop logging, save the Procmon log and compress it, e.g. to a zip archive.
4, Collect logs with ESET Log Collector.
5. Upload both archives here. If too big, upload them to a safe location and drop me a personal message with a download link.

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