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Assigning Licenses VIA License Manager Or Policies?

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Hi All,


I'm a little confused as far as how to properly assign licenses to clients. I have licenses for my servers (File Security licenses) and for my workstations (Endpoint)


How do I go about properly assigning these licenses? I see that there is a License Manager tab that allows me to upload the lic files..However in the policy configuration editor I also see the option to add the licenses..


So how do I go about assigning these licenses to the appropriate client? Do I need to create two policies, one for the Servers with the File Security licenses and one for the Desktops with the Endpoint lics or does the License manager automatically push these licenses out to the clients and apply the appropriate one?



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Hello wolflord,


As long as the license files are uploaded to the license manager that should be all that needs to be done. The license file upload to the clients is incase you would like to host a mirror from the client machine. Please click here for more detailed information about the licenses.


Business Support Engineer

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