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Cannot enroll mobile devices

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Hi. The situation is the following. We have a ESMC set up for many months working fine with only a dozen PCs. Recently we have had the need to apply some security policies on Android devices, so decided to use the licenses we aleady have(a package with Windows+Android). Decided to use Dwvice Owner mode, as those are company's phones.

First configured policies and groups. Then tried with a brand new phone. Device Owner enrollment went apparently fine, was able to read the QR and install. But then nothing else worked with that phone. Product was never activated, tasks were never executed, and no info could be seen on the Overview for that phone in Computers; only last connected time changed each time I rebooted the phone. Tried doing factory reset, deleting from ESMC, and enrolling again, having to delete the contents of "Device" table in MDC database. Same result all times.

So tried updating ESMC & Server to latest version, as well as packages from the OS(already had a warning on that). After the update completed, I tried then enrolling again. Add New -> Mobile devices -> Device Owner. Set name, select license(Have 5 of 5 available), check "In case you are enrolling Android devices...", and click Next... And then get an error:


Enrollment has failed: Cannot allocate enough enrollment links. Please try again later in a few minutes until they are replicated.

Cant seem to find a solution for this.


Software versions:

ESMC Server Version: 7.2.2236.0
ESMC Web Console Version:
ESET Management Agent Version: 7.2.2233.0
MDMCore version: 7.2.5216.0
OS: CentOS 7 with latest updates (7.8.2003)
DB Version: MySQL 8.0.21
Installed Components:
Update module: 1076 (20200313)
Translation support module: 1819.1 (20201009)
SysInspector module: 1278 (20200609)
SSL module: 1048 (20200608)
Push Notification Service module: 1076 (20201006)
Configuration module: 1889.4 (20200813)

Any help will be appreciated.

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  • ESET Staff


Enrollment links are sent to EMSC server via Agent installed on same device as MDM is (and both MDM and Agent require correctly set connection to ESMC server). In case You installed MDM multiple times in history You also have to select correct MDM instance in web console.

In case previous steps does not help please contact customer care.



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