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GameOver Zeus - Are ESET users protected


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Hi XenoBen,

Yes, ESET products detect and block the malware distributed by the GameOver Zeus botnet. We highly recommend that you make sure you are using the latest virus signature database to ensure that your ESET product can recognize and block the most recent variants of these threats. If you aren't sure your product is updating, here are instructions on how to check.

If you are concerned that your system might be infected, please follow these steps:

1. Follow the instructions in this article to run the ESET Necurs removal tool.

2. Follow the instructions in this article to run the ESET ZbotZRcleaner tool. Make sure that you complete the steps in part 2 to run a scan of your entire system once you finish running the tool.

I expect that ESET will add a new article to the Knowledgebase later today with similar instructions for users concerned about GameOver Zeus. I'll write back with a link to that article once it's ready.

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GameOver Zeus and Cryptolocker: Law enforcement hits gang responsible


If you follow developments in cyber crime you probably saw that Evgeniy Bogachev has been added to the FBI’s Most Wanted list for cyber criminals. Bogachev was identified in U.S. court documents this week as “the leader of a gang of cyber criminals based in Russia and the Ukraine responsible for the development and operation of both the GameOver Zeus and Cryptolocker schemes.”  


These two schemes were used to execute a range of despicable cyber crimes that robbed consumers, companies, and even non-profit organizations of millions of dollars. The GameOver Zeus malware created a botnet that helped to spread Cryptolocker, code that was used to encrypt the files of victims and extort money from them in a scheme known as ransomware. But GameOver Zeus was also used to steal personal data and money by carrying out fraudulent banking transactions using the accounts of its victims. (Note that all ESET products have been detecting and removing this malware since 2012 with detection name Win32/Spy.Zbot.AAU, as described by our Virus Radar).


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The solution What is Gameover Zeus and does ESET protect me from it should have not been buried in the ESET KB's but officially announced at least at the ESET Support News.

Thanks for providing the detailed article in a timely fashion although announced in a rather subdued manner.




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