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Problems after upgrade to EES 7.3.2041 from EES 7.3.2039


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We have 25 computers running Windows 10 LTSB 1607. On the night of Sunday 4 October, the EES was updated for all of them from version 7.3.2039 to version 7.3.2041. From Monday, when people came to work, the same problem began to appear on all computers. Windows Update and Security Center for no reason sometimes displays messages that Eset Endpoint Security is disabled. Less commonly, a message that only the EES firewall is disabled. But this is not the case. Everything is working.

 We already experienced similar problems several years ago on version EES 6.X. But then these messages appeared for several seconds and immediately disappeared. Now they only disappear after restarting the computer. The problem is clearly with your product. What could it be?

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