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Upgrade password protected agents

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We are using ESMC appliance, version 7.2.2236.0 and we are having issue with remote update of agents which are password protected. As we don't see where we can configure the agent password to be used during the agent upgrade task (ESMC components upgrade task) they obviously fail. If we uninstall the agent manually with correct password and then push new Agent via server task, everything goes smoothly but obviously we don't want' to uninstall clients manually every time we need to upgrade them.

Are we missing something simple here or do we need to push the password remove policy first before every upgrade of agent? This would mean creating separate groups and moving clients to them so that we can remove the default policy and apply the new one, waiting for all clients to pick them up and then pushing the agent upgrade task. Hopefully there is a simpler way to perform such a trivial task as upgrade the software.

Agent version to be upgraded are 7.0.577, clients are EEA 7.3...

Any help would be appreciated. 

Thank you.



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  • ESET Staff

Could you please attach upgrade log from such failed task upgrade? Upgrade should not be affected by password protection, therefore we would like to chcek what is source of your issues.

Log is named ra-upgrade-infrastructure.log and should be located on client machine, either in one of system temporary directories or directly in standard logs directory of ESET Management Agent.

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