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ESET 7.2 Windows 10 Support Message Behaviour?

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Most of our clients are using ESET V7.2 and with the Windows 10 update warning we will now need to push out the 7.3 update ASAP to 1700+ clients.


We've started receiving some calls and emails from our clients concerned about this message. Are you able to confirm the default behaviour of this warning? I.e Does it visibily open forcing the user to read and close the message/ESET window or will the user only see this if they manually open the ESET Endpooint AV client?

On my own personal machine, i've not had it visibily prompt - I need to open the client to see any message. We don't have any policy to disable notifications so we're trying to confirm if we'll get another 1000+ calls and tickets if users can see this!



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The yellow notification is shown only in Endpoint's gui, no window pops up on the desktop. That said, unless the user clicks the ESET icon in the tray bar, he or she should not be distracted by it.

While Endpoint 7.2 is fine, it won't work after Windows 10 21H1 Update next year, hence we notify also 7.2 users in advance.

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