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Just bought 2 MacBook pros (13" & now 16") - returning 13"

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Dear ESET CSPro Support,

I bought a 13" MacBook Pro in Sept. 2020 and realized I need a larger laptop so then bought a 16" MacBoo Pro late September. Since I am returning the 13" to Costco, how do I transfer my ESET Cyber Security Pro to my newest 16" MBP now that I am returning the smaller MBP? I do have the barcode activation key for the Cyber Security Pro for Mac that I also purchased in Sept. 2020.
Thanks for your help.

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You can either uninstall ESET while being connected to the Internet to free the seat or you can deactivate the seat via the license manager at my.eset.com and then use the license on another machine.

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