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ESET Renewal Issue

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Guest Dania

Description: Eset Renewal Policy




I found updating the program is not only complicated but also took a lot of efforts and time-consuming.

I bought the Eset Smart Security new activation license for 3 PCs last year. During this 1 year period, one of my PC was broken so that I use Eset effectively on my 2 PCs. Then a few days ago, I bought Eset Smart Security Renewal license for 2 PCs (valid for 1 year), because the other computer is still broken and completely not functional.
I was very surprised that i couldn't use the renewal serial number because it is for 2 PCs. The Eset Customer service said that the amount of PC when i want to buy the renewal should be the same amount with the first new activation. So if I have bought the new activation for 3 PCs i should buy the renewal for 3 PCs too, otherwise i can't use the serial number.
For me it doesn't make sense to buy 3 renewal licenses whereas I only need 2. And now my 2 PCs renewal licenses are useless too.

Could you please explain why is there such a policy like that? And is there any way I can make use of my recently bought renewal licences? 
I really hope Eset International can give me a better solution.


Thank you,


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  • Former ESET Employees

I'd highly recommend contacting our Sales Department by phone at 866-343-3738 to get this resolved. Our sales reps will have the latest policy information on this and can likely better assist you with your recent order.

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