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Outlook getting updating mailbox sometimes when ESET Mail Security for Exchange working.


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I have exchange 2010 with around 280 mailbox. We have installed "ESET Mail Security" before (version bellow 7.0).

Everything work fine. Later we get inform about new version of ESET, then we upgrade to "ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Excahnge Server 7.0".

After we upgrade, we get the problem.

1. Almost every days in the morning, the outlook that connect to exchange show message "updating mailbox" and its cannot send/receive email.

2. We try many solution, but no luck. However, when we "pause" ESET, around 3 minute, the outlook come to work fine.

We cannot find the root cause of this problem, even we ask to ESET dealer still no luck.
Right now, we have to pause ESET every morning to make the mail flow. And its almost happend in the morning.

So, anyone here can help, please...




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