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Best Practices For Caching Proxy?

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Hi All,

Could you please tell me which is best method for http caching proxy? 

Apache or squid on windows? apache or squid on linux? 

For 10k+ ESET Client.

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I think Apache HTTP Proxy is a very clever solution that simplifies the structure in ESMC architecture. But since the first release of ERA 6, the most problematic component has been "Apache HTTP Proxy". It still is. 

  • Apache HTTP Proxy causes a lot of problem when you deploy ESET packages. ESMC Agent cannot download properly files via Apache Http Proxy and deployments failing. You should try again and again.
  • It is cannot properly handle EDTD requests when the networks is is large.
  • It is problematic when multiple agents make request for uncached file at the same time.

So I would like to know if there is more stable way to use apache http proxy.

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Is the proxy installed on a dedicated server that can allocate all resources to the proxy? If so and issues persist, try using 2 proxy servers, each approx. for half of the clients. Not sure if other proxy servers can utilize system resources better than Apache http proxy though.

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