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Question regarding Isolate computer from network task


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Hi, I'm currently on ESET Endpoint Security 7.2.  I've read the description of the isolate task from the documentation online and it states that it allows the following connections 

computer obtains an IP address

•communication of ekrn.exe, ESET Management Agent, ESET Enterprise Inspector Agent

•login to a domain


This all makes sense to me.  My question is how this would work for remote users who connect to our network via VPN.  They would be able to receive the isolation task but would it be possible to end the task or would they be unable to reconnect to VPN to receive the end isolation task via the agent because the connection is being blocked?


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To answer my own question, no it is not possible to end the isolation task for remote users.   I had to uninstall and reinstall the client in order to get them back on our network via VPN

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