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Updating clients from outside the organization


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Number of users in my organization reports a problem updating the virus signature database when they are not connected to the domain.

How can i configure it properly?


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Hello !


In your policy, you probably have your primary server listed as the update server.


Create a new policy and have the settings with update server listed as "choose automatically".


When the users with laptops, and mobiles try to update outside the organization, they will update from ESET servers instead.


Apply this new policy only to the users and machines that are mobile.


As a quick workaround or quick solution, if your clients are not password protected, tell your users to go into the advanced settings and manually switch over the update servers to "choose automatically" in the update settings.

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I almost forgot, your new policy will need to have the lic files imported or at least the username and password integrated.

Users wishing to change manually will also need to input the company license credentials.

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