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Can't apply a new policy on installed/migrated clients to new ESMC server


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Hi guys,

I installed new ESMC server (Ubuntu server). Currently ESMC server is on Windows old machine. I set all basic settings and create a new policies. Today I tried to migrate a two test computer from "old" ESMC server. Migration was successfull but I have problem with one device. On that device is not possible assign any policy. I don't know how is that possible but I dont have any idea how to fix it. If I download configuration from that device settings was completely empty :(  I tried move it to another static/dynamic groups and nothing. :D It is really strange.

Same problem with one computer which I installed via normal installation and moved to group and nothing policy was not applied. Strange. What do you think where can be a problem?

I don't have installed on that Linux server Apache HTTP PROXY. Do you think is it possible it can be caused by this or you have idea where is the problem?

Thank you very much

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