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ESET won't start or open

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Hello. I've had ESET for a while now and recently i noticed that the program isn't opening.

I tried looking for it on task manager so i could close and open again but nothing shows up there, the program isn't running at all.

So after that i went on computer services and noticed that ESET Service is Disabled so naturally i tried setting it as Automatic when booting the computer but it won't let me, it says access denied. I also tried running services as admin and doesn't work either.

Can someone help me?


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I don't want to lose my key, I have the 1 year plan on this computer and since I can't access the program I can't export the ESET config as an .xml file, what do i do?

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18 minutes ago, Manu72 said:

I don't want to lose my key

Do you know what your existing Eset license key is? If so when you reinstall Eset, you can use that key to activate Eset.

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13 minutes ago, Manu72 said:

Is there a way for me to find the key on the computer files?


You should have received the key in an e-mail from whomever you purchased it from. If you purchased a boxed version of Eset, the key is shown on an insert within the CD case. Otherwise, post your Eset public license ID as shown below and hopefully @Marcos can PM you your license key


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I had exactly the same issue on two my computers. The latest ESET was unable to start with multiple critical errors. I've tried to reinstall, reinstall in safe mode, use uninstall tool. Nothing helped. After multiple attempts, ESET support was able to install version from offline package with no issues. I was told to wait for the next application update and do not upgrade from version 12 for now.

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It's necessary to upgrade to the latest version (currently v13.2) within the next few months or the product will stop updating modules.

If you check https://support-eol.eset.com/en/affected.html, you'll find out that v12.2 is affected with the following issues that will occur soon:

Your ESET product is in Limited support and will reach End of Life soon
Cross Certification issue
ESET product not compatible with future Windows 10 updates

Please uninstall v12 and install v13.2 from scratch. Should you encounter issues, open a new topic and provide also logs collected with ESET Log Collector as well as a screen shot of the error you get.

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