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Switch from ERA5 to ESMC - my point of view

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I have fiew clients with 15 to 100 computers with ESET v5 and ERA5. It is good and simple software. I install it on MS SQL server and scheduled task run 2 reports in sql and daily send me email:

 Computer        IP              Signatures         Connected                                               
 --------------- --------------- ------------------ ----------- -------------------------------------------- 
 Comp1  22046 (20200924)   20200925              
 Comp2  22046 (20200924)   20200925    Operation system is not updateted          

Computer        Date
--------------- ----------------------- ------------------------ ---------------------------------- -------------------------------------- -------------------------------
Comp1           2020-09-24 19:27:27.000 HTTP filter              hxxp://willioninterpr.club/...     JS/Adware.Atocari.B aplikacja          connection was terminated      
Comp2           2020-09-24 19:28:29.000 HTTP filter              hxxp://www.drhtv.com.pl/...        HTML/ScrInject.B koń trojański         connection was terminated      

I think about upgrade to ESMC but simple reports is not accesible. Thay was generated as PDF attachment and without:
- LEFT JOIN (list all computers with column "security trouble" if exists)
- sorting via regular expression (substring IP adress:
Direct connection to database as I have in ERA5 it's not good too, because:
- database structure is very complicated (separated table tbld_mac_address with 2 fileds: skey and mac_address have any sense?)
- functionality computer severity and any problems description not exists in database (only problem number)

Maybe ESMC is good product but in my situation upgrade is more complicated.


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