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NEW USER of ESET, please help me understand

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Hello all,

I am a NEW USER of the Eset security. I'm doing the 30 day trial.

I keep getting a message that says "You have connected to an unknown location."

I know nothing about computers, so this greatly scares me because I have no idea what I'm supposed to do.
It KEEPS happening. I've gotten this message about 3 times now.

I am attaching the messages.

I am really worried because I don't know what I should do. How would I know where or who these locations


New Network 1.png

New Network 2.png

You have Unknown location.png

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When a new network is detected, you are asked if you trust it or not. E.g. if you connect your computer to your home network for the first time, you should mark it as home/office network (trusted). If you connect to a wi-fi network on an airport for instance, you mark it as public because you don't trust it.

In your case it was new networks for different adapters on your machine that were detected (ethernet, some virtual adapter and ipsec0) so you may want to mark them as home/office networks that you trust. After clicking OK for each of the networks you should not be asked again.

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