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Hello ESET Endpoint Security / Antivirus users,


It’s been quite a while since we released the 7th generation of our Endpoint solutions, so naturally you may ask when the generation 8 will be released. We have good news to share, as we are approaching the final stages of development and preparation for the release, we would like to share it with you so you can try it before it gets released officially and give us feedback on it, which is very valuable for us.

I guess the first question, which comes to mind is what will be the new features of it. Let me briefly name some:
Secured browser bringing additional security to the browsing experience as it protects the browser’s memory, restricts the extensions and protects the keyboard inputs as well.

Micro Program Component Update which will be manageable from the management console as a practical solution to keep the product up to date with ease. Installed endpoint can wait for its application, without affecting the protection level. Moreover the updates are differential, thus much smaller than standard installation packages.

WMI Database and System registry scans added as a scan targets, allowing the users / administrators to initiate on-demand scans on them.

Unified exclusions for IDS bringing the unified UX to those exclusions as well.
To find out more and try it yourself, join the BETA program…


I hope the described features and improvements made you interested, you sign up here by a reply, or by sending me or TomasP a private message.
By joining the BETA you agree with our BETA Program agreement.

We are looking forward to your feedback.
Thank you in advance, 
Peter Randziak on behalf of teams involved

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Hi Peter,

 I´m Filipe and i have a bussiness license (ESET Remote Workforce offer) for my repairs shop. i would like to test the new beta Enpoint Security 8 which i love already because you said that has some features that i like :)

Waiting your feedback.


Kind Regards, 

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Hello guys,

so the ESET Endpoint Security / ESET Endpoint Antivirus 8 BETA builds are ready to be tested, I sent all the pre-registered users instructions over a private message.


The registration is still open, feel free to drop me a private message to take part.


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Hi Peter,

I would be interested in participating to this BETA program (esp., around the easier update process which should help us in the future to better manage our customer base)...

Best regards,


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