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Remove and reuse licenses for individual desktops


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I administer 2 companies owned by the same family. At one time they were separate legal entities with separate networks and now they have merged to a single company.  Both use ESET Remote Administrator 7.2 and both have licenses in ELB accounts. The previous administrator set up both companies with ESET and I am unfamiliar but learning how to use the ERA.

I am in the process of migrating the 2 separate AD domains into a single new domain.  Obviously, I do not want to have 2  ERA servers on the new domain.  It is my understanding that the client installation packages generated in the ERA are tied to a specific server and that I will need to reinstall on all the clients of one of the original domains.

I know how to delete the licenses from one of the ELBs and add it to the other but my question is... How do I reclaim the licenses from the client machines on the ERA server that I will not be migrating so I will have full availability to reuse on those client machines using installers generated by the ERA server I am keeping.

This is kind of long winded and I hope it makes sense. Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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Hello, in case you have access to the "ESET Business Account" or "ESET License Administrator" (I do not know, which one you refer to as "ELB", you should be able to list all of the currently activated seats / devices with a particular license, and deactivate them. This will make all of your endpoints "deactivated", but once you have connected them to the ESMC server, you can create a product activation task, and reactivate them with a correct / corresponding license. Hope I understood your case correctly and it would help. 

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