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I am running Win 10 home, on a Lenovo Yoga laptop. I have the "boot-to-USB" enabled in the BIOS which is UEFI only. The BIOS does not have any Legacy Options, so using a CD is not an option. The problem is that the OS refuses to boot to Sysrescue but goes directly to Win 10. I have tried several tweaks: disabling "fast Boot" and "Secure boot" options to see if those settings were blocking Sysrescue from loading, but no joy. I have used Rufus and Universal USB Installer to see if it was the .iso image that was a problem. I created an image based on the .iso and the .img versions of Sysrescue. The same problem persisted without any change. QUESTIONS: When I install the ISO image with Rufus/Universal Installer, do those programs automatically make the USB flash drive bootable or is this something I have to do before I use Rufus? Are there any checks I can run on the USB stick itself, perhaps? Any one have any suggestions or input?  Eset Forum members, thank you for your help, nick

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Did your Yoga come with Windows 10 32-bit or Windows 10 64-bit?

To UEFI-boot, the USB drive needs to have a FAT32 partition with a \EFI\BOOT folder on it containing one or more .EFI boot files.

For systems with a UEFI 64-bit BIOS - you need \EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.efi

For systems with a 32-bit UEFI BIOS - you need \EFI\BOOT\BOOTIA32.EFI

If your system came with 64-bit Windows installed then it needs to boot from the BOOTX64.EFI file.

If your system came with 32-bit Windows, it probably has a 32-bit UEFI BIOS and so needs to boot from BOOTIA32.EFI.

Many ISOs are 64-bit UEFI only...

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Hi Steve, thank you for your reply. I have a 64 bit system. I last used Rufus to create a FAT32 based .img onto the usb. When I look at my usb folder, I find the file you speak of here: E:\efi\boot\BOOTX64.efi ...where E: is my usb drive. QUESTION: I have a choice on the drop down menu in RUFUS under "Boot Selection". I have left the default: Disk or ISO Image. Should I be choosing something else in this drop down menu such as one of the Syslinux versiones or Grub?  Is there anything else we might consider, if I have done everything correctly so far? Quizzically Yours, n

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On 9/10/2020 at 2:58 PM, Dolfin said:

Solution Found. Will post solution soon when I have the energy/time. Thank you Steve for your input and thank you Forum.

OK, so the problem I was experiencing was that I could not get my OS WIn10 on my Lenovo Yoga  to boot to my USB. I found that I could not find my USB drive in the boot Menu or anywhere else. The solution was that before I entered into my BIOS, I needed to connect my USB stick to my computer. Only then did my BIOS show my USB drive in the booting order list so that I could then put my USB to the top of that list. Thus, when I started up my computer, it finally started from the USB drive and booted the SYSRESCUE.img file on my usb.

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