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Is it possible to block all internet traffic but allow Lan?

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Hi folks,

Just wondering if it's possible to block all internet traffic but allow Lan share. 

I want a specific computer to be blocked to inbound and outbound internet access and only allow Lan access. 

I have tried the block all internet access option and tried to make a rule to allow one application but it continued to block all traffic. 

At the moment I have found that if I leave it set to automatic and then setup a custom rule and select any protocol  and to deny all. 

This appears to disconnect my machine from the internet and begins to block alsorts in the wizard page where I can then allow my other devices to be unblocked and it seems fine. 

Is this the correct way to isolate my computer from the outside world and just make it a secure local network only machine? 

Thanks in advance

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1, Create a permissive rule for bi-directional communication with the trusted zone selected on the remote tab:


2, Create a blocking rule for bi-directional communication and no IP address / zone selected and put it below the permissive rule that you previously created.

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Okay, so what I have done is the correct way to do it? 

Create a rule that blocks all protocols (http FTP etc 

Then unblock the particular devices in the wizard that I want the computer to communicate with?

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Yeah that's fine as there's only a handful of devices I want to connect to via local network anyway, when I try to connect a new device, eset blocks it. When I open it I can see what it is etc and click the unblock option and then I'm able to connect my new device.  As eset has been told to unblock this particular device. 

Thanks :) so to clarify, nobody outside the local network can connect to my machine with this setup?


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