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I'm trying to upgrade NOD32 antivirus business V 4.2.71 to Endpoint Antivirus 5.0.2228 with a GPO. I've made an upgrade package policie. It works for few workstations and fail for the others, with these error in windows logs:

"Produit : ESET Endpoint Antivirus -- Ce module d'installation est conçu pour les systèmes d'exploitation 32 bits. Veuillez utiliser un module d'installation pour systèmes d'exploitation 64 bits.", in french, says that the installer module is for 32 bits OS. Please use a 64 bits installer module."

I've tried local installation, and it's the same problem, il begin to copy files and failed at the end, tries to install a msi, 522dsc2.msi, and end with a package error code 2753. I've been using the X64 files, eea_nt64_fra.msi.

Any ideas will be apreciated.








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Hi, Thanks for answer,


No, it don't works, I've got the same kind of message about using a x64 installer module, and same warning in logs.

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It's probably a problem of Microsoft Installer which fails to detect a correct system platform. What OS is installed on the computer in question?

I'd suggest reinstalling MS Installer and downloading the latest EEA installer from ESET's website.

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